About Us

In addition to fabulous winter wreaths, we also create and distribute outdoor front-door wreaths with accessories for spring, summer and fall. We use top accessories in every wreath we produce no matter the month and we add personalized touches to every piece we create. We want our decor to be part of your home no matter the temperature outside. Our wreaths vary in size, so you can have a big wreath for summer, and a smaller wreath for fall.

The accessories we use in our pieces add flair to your home and show your personality to your neighbours. We know finding the perfect wreath for every occasion is a great way to showcase your design skills 0r change your up colour scheme and we want to help you find the look you want. We give each hanging wreath our undivided attention and try to make it as weather-resistant as possible. However, taking extra precautions when you change or are handling your wreath is always recommended.

Crafting a spring wreath from fresh flowers