Wedding Wreaths

Beautiful Floral Décor For Your Special Day

A wedding is typically the most memorable day in one's life. It is a day to celebrate your relationship with your family and close friends. Everything down to the smallest detail is planned and carefully prepared. Your wedding wreath should be the same. A gorgeous floral wreath from Wreaths Across Canada will be a chic addition to your wedding décor. Buy your wreath today and receive free standard shipping across Canada!

Buy A Premium Quality Wedding Wreath

Your search for a quality wreath is over! Our company specializes in making stunning wreaths for all occasions. Our team of staff uses ribbons, accent greenery, pins, and premium quality silk flowers that perfectly mimic fresh garden-picked ones to create exquisite wedding wreaths. Each piece is made with care and the utmost attention to detail.

Search for the perfect addition to your wedding decorations on our website. Our wedding door wreaths will be a great statement piece for your special day.

Complement Your Wedding Decorations With A Romantic Wreath

Every wedding has its own unique décor and colour palette often dependent on the couple's tastes and the time of year. Fall weddings tend to lean towards a rustic look with tints of orange, dark green, and nature-inspired décor. Spring and summer weddings tend to be bright occasions decorated with white flowers and other accent greenery. No matter your décor, a wreath can be made to match your decorations and complement your personal taste.

Whether you are having a spring elopement or winter wedding, a wreath will make a wonderful addition to your décor. The delicate flowers, greenery, paper, and decor will come together to create an elegant art-like addition to your special day. No matter the style of the wreath, wedding guests and party members alike will love its pretty complexion. Order yours today!

We Offer Free Standard Shipping

Is your wedding budget tight? Our customers can enjoy receiving quality wreaths at an affordable price.  We also offer free shipping for all orders. Customers can trust that their premium quality wreaths will arrive quickly and on time for their big day. Every order is also packaged and shipped with great care.

A Life-Long Keepsake Of Your Special Day

Our faux flower wreaths last a lifetime. Rather than getting to enjoy a wreath for a single day, customers can keep their premium faux flower wreath for years to come. This is a great way to preserve a piece of your big day besides pressed or dried flowers - And they will look more fetching too! Many customers choose to hang theirs in their homes or on their front door to serve as a life-long memory of their wedding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use a wedding wreath?

Wreaths are a great addition to any wedding décor. There are many ways that a floral wreath can be used to make your ceremony look elegant. If you are looking for some ideas as to how you can use a wreath in your wedding, consider these ideas below:

- Match them to your flowers or bouquet

- Use them as accent pieces in your photography

- Wear them as flower crowns on the bride or bridal party

- Use them on chairs along your aisle

- Hang them on church or reception hall front doors

Why should I choose your company for my wedding decorations?

Our company specializes in making exquisite wreaths for all occasions. Whether you order a Christmas wreath, wedding wreath, or any of our other high-quality products, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our products.

How long will my wreath last?

You do not need to provide any care to keep your wreath looking great! Unlike a florist, our company uses faux wedding flowers to make our wreaths.  We use life-like silk flowers that will last a lifetime without wilting. Customers can trust that their flowers will look fresh and lovely all year long.

I want to make my own wreath. Are Pinterest wedding wreaths a good way to get inspiration?

Yes! Many people get wedding inspiration from Pinterest, and inspiration for your décor is no different. We highly recommend that you search for wedding wreath ideas on Pinterest to get inspiration for your wreath.