Pine Cone Wreaths

A Touch Of Nature You'll Love

A pine cone wreath is a simple way to make a statement during the fall or holiday season. The elegantly simple pinecones paired with ribbon and other small decorations will greet visitors at the door and leave them smiling. You will also love seeing your pinecone wreath after you come home from a long day of work. Its natural style and welcoming ambience will make you feel like you are being welcomed back home the moment you see your pinecone wreath.

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Natural Fall & Winter Decor With Pine Cones

Our customers love this wreath because it is a simple and easy option to decorate their home for any season. Whether you are looking for holiday decoration ideas or are wanting to use pieces of nature in your autumn decor, you will love the look of pine cones.  Pine cones’ natural appearance effortlessly matches any occasion. They can remind you of autumn’s falling leaves and the crackling of the fire during the Christmas season. Their ability to transition seamlessly between seasons will allow you to keep your pinecone wreath up for several seasons, as well. 

If you are looking for a statement piece that can carry over to various seasons and still look exceptional, pine cones are a great choice. A pinecone wreath uses one of the hardiest materials to create a stylish piece of home decor. The herbaceous cones can maintain their wonderful appearance for many years after being treated. This means that, unlike flowers, open cones don't get tired-looking. Customers can expect to keep and display their pinecone wreath for several seasons, making them a much more affordable and sustainable option.

Buy A Premium Pinecone Wreath

Everyone will love their premium quality pinecone wreath from Wreaths Across Canada. Our tasteful designs will help you incorporate natural elements into your home and room decor.

No matter how a pinecone wreath is used, it will make a great statement piece in any room of your home. The natural, rustic-looking cones provide a little hint of nature indoors. The cones, whether kept natural or painted white, also bring exciting elements of pattern and texture to any space. This is an easy method to make a subtle but striking statement in your home.  

Whether it is placed in the middle of a wall, above a mantel, or even on a window, customers will find that their pinecone wreath is a stylish addition to their decor. Order yours today! Pick the size and style you need and get your pinecone wreath shipped to your home for free.

Beautiful Wreaths Made By Experts

Make A Great First Impression With A Wreath

Wreaths Across Canada is a company that specializes in making beautiful wreaths for every occasion. We know that wreaths are often the first thing that guests see, whether it is hanging on the front door or over your mantel. Much of your home’s welcoming atmosphere is based on these little details, so don't leave it up to chance. The premium quality and luxurious designs of our products will help make a great first impression.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a pine cone wreath?

If you want to make your own pine cone wreath, you will need various materials and plenty of free time to complete this craft. We recommend that you find an easy step-by-step guide to making your own pine cone wreath online using websites like Pinterest or DIY blogs.  These guides will help guide you through the making process and provide additional ideas.

To prepare for your craft, you should gather the required materials. Most craft directions will instruct you to have pine cones, ribbon, wire, spray paint, hot glue, and other decorations that you think will look great on your wreath. Find a website with directions to determine what you will need for your pinecone project.

How long will my pine cone wreath last?

A pine cone wreath will last a very long time. Our company treats each of our pine cone products with varnish spray to ensure that all cones will look beautiful long after the wreath's first use. Customers can look forward to using their wreath inside or outside for many seasons.

Where should I hang my wreath?

The best place to hang your pinecone wreath is inside your home or in a shaded spot outdoors like a covered porch. While pine cones are very durable, they can be damaged by hot climates or natural elements. Keeping your wreath inside will help keep it looking like it's brand new.

How much does shipping cost?

Our customers do not have to pay anything for shipping thanks to our free standard shipping policies! Customers can enjoy only having to pay for the cost of their wreath when shopping with our company. Consider it our way of saying thank you for your business.

Can I add my own decorations to my pinecone wreath?

Yes! We encourage all of our customers to make their wreath their own by adding their own decorations. We even sell tools and materials for you to use to customize your wreath.

One of our favourite additions to our wreaths is adding a multi ribbon. You can create a large, multi-colour bow with two large ribbons and two short ribbons. If you choose to use complementing colours and patterns, you can create a captivating addition to your pinecone wreath.