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From the moment a visitor approaches your home, they will see a beautiful grapevine wreath that looks like it has been crafted from vines from your garden. You will get plenty of compliments from your neighbours, family, and friends and the natural details will wow your Thanksgiving party guests.

A wreath can be used anywhere around your home! Hang it on your screendoor to create an eye-catching focal point for visitors. You may choose to secure it on the siding or brick of your home to give your exterior a unique touch. There are many possibilities for how wreaths can be used within a home. Add it to your holiday decorations, fireplace, or window to give the space a warm atmosphere.

Our high-quality products come in a variety of sizes so you can pick the wreath that would best fit your house. Whether you add a full-sized or small wreath to your decor, it will quickly become a focal point in your space. We guarantee that your guests will looking back over their shoulder to get one last look at your beautiful new wreath on their way out the door.

A Fun Craft For Everyone

Are you searching for a fun way to host your friends? Consider hosting a crafts night with Wreaths Across Canada! We offer various items like plain wreaths, tools and materials that will make your crafts projects easier. Your guests can use a plain wreath and add their own details to fit their unique styles and preferences. The use of additional items like tiny berries, fruits, and flowers will add a unique touch to any wreath.

Share the fun with your friends and host a wreath decorating party. We guarantee that your friends will love your craft night and will be dying to come back! Plan your next craft projects with Wreaths Across Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are grapevine wreaths made out of?

Every grapevine wreath is made out of grapevines! These are vines that become tough and woody when the seasons are changing and the air is getting colder. During this time of the year, vines are collected and can be easily shaped into wreaths.

How long do grapevine wreaths last?

A Grapevine wreath will last almost indefinitely because of its natural materials. Their woody materials will continue to look great long after they have been picked and dried. Most customers can look forward to using their grapevine wreath for several seasons.

Do you offer free shipping?

Wreaths Across Canada is proud to offer free shipping on standard orders across Canada and the United States. Every item undergoes review before it is carefully packaged and shipped to ensure that every customer can receive a premium quality wreath.

How can I make a grapevine wreath?

Making a wreath is a great craft for the holiday season. The first thing you need is to find access to a grapevine plant. This may be difficult as the plants can be difficult to locate in the wild. After you have located the plant, you need to harvest some at the right time of the year in the early autumn. This will ensure that the cuttings are woody but still malleable. After you bend the pieces into either full or half circles, you need to secure them together with a tiny piece of string or hot glue. The smaller the size is better because it won't be seen as well from further back.

If this DIY craft sounds too time-consuming, get a Wreaths Across Canada item instead. Shop our high-quality products to receive a wreath of any size and style.

Can I decorate my wreath?

Yes, any customer may decorate their own wreath! We encourage our customers to use their imagination and add their own details to their grapevine wreath to make it their own. If you are searching for any ideas, we suggest that you review ideas on Pinterest or other websites online.

Add A Wreath To Your Home Decor

While some may think that a wreath is a seasonal decoration, they can make great year-round additions to any home's decor. Add a bit of nature to your house with an Olive Leaf Wreath. Try a wreath with a colourful ribbon to add a pop of colour to any space. Whether you want to use a wreath as a holiday decoration or a way to bring elements of your garden inside, it will make your home feel warm and inviting.

With Wreaths Across Canada's variety of items, all customers can find a wreath that they will love. Shop our various seasons, occasions, placements, and materials to find a wreath that will be the perfect addition to your home.

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