How To Use Fresh Wreaths To Decorate Indoors

Handmaking a fresh Christmas wreath for indoor decorating

With fresh flowers in full bloom, it's time to start thinking about how you can decorate your home with hand-made wreaths. Fresh wreaths can be used not only in the spring and summertime but can also be used to decorate any indoor space throughout the holiday season. Christmas decor can add life to any living room, so it's good to know how to effectively decorate with wreaths.

If you've read our blog on the lifespan of a fresh wreath, you know that wreaths can last up to 3 weeks if they are properly cared for. This means you have 3 weeks to use your fresh Christmas wreath to spruce up your front door, mantelpiece, or dining room. Decorating your home for the holidays may seem like a big task, but we've got you set with some interior design inspiration for all of your holiday needs to make it that much easier (and more fun!)

3 Indoor Decoration Ideas For Your Holiday Wreaths

Indoor decoration can come to life in a variety of ways. You can go for a simple and sleek, fresh and fun, or tried and tested designs. Whatever direction you decide to go when decorating your home, there's a Christmas wreath waiting for you to hang it up. To get you started on decorating your home with fresh Christmas greenery and to put you in the holiday spirit, here are 3 indoor decoration ideas and placements that you can use in your house throughout the holidays.

1. The Front Foyer

Welcome your guests this holiday season by placing your Christmas garlands in the front foyer of your home. While front doors are a common spot for hanging your live wreaths, the foyer is an indoor option if you want to keep the wreaths out of the snow and harsh weather. Whether you hang it on a wall or in the window, your guests will be sure to notice the holiday greenery and smell the fresh pine scent.

Welcome Your Guests

When you hang wreaths in your home, you are adding a touch of outdoor beauty indoors. For a perfect foyer wreath, you'll want to have one that feels cozy and welcoming. Fresh greens like Fraser fir or evergreen boughs and magnolia leaves can help make the guests feel at home. Add a pop of colour with some festive ribbons or decorations.

These foyer arrangements won't have to be too glamourous to leave an impression on your guest.

Christmas wreath hanging on front door of festive home

2. Above The Fireplace

Another great spot to hang your Christmas wreath is in the living room above the fireplace or on the mantelpiece. The fireplace is often a spot in the living room that catches the eye. To gain that attention, make the most of your mantelpiece by hanging your Christmas wreaths and garland and using loose greenery and floral wire to accent your wreath to tie the look together.

Use More Than One Wreath

If you want to be a bit more creative, opt for 2 small wreaths instead of one big one. These smaller wreaths can take up more space and be used as a set when decorating. If you do decide to use 2 wreaths, feel free to change up the type and style of the wreath.

Wreath and garland arrangements can go in a variety of different directions. Be creative with the different supplies you use. Experiment with branches of cedar and evergreen, with ornaments, with twinkly lights and candles. There is a lot of freedom to decorate your mantelpiece with Christmas wreaths and fresh greenery.

Fireplace decorated with fresh greenery and Christmas wreath

3. Interior Accents

One last way to use the holiday greenery for indoor decorating is to create some Christmas spirit accent pieces to put throughout your home. These pieces are great to spruce up your dining room, bedrooms, washrooms, and other living spaces. While a noble fir Christmas tree is a great centrepiece during the Christmas season, these pieces are meant to act as accents.

Use All Your Festive Supplies

There are all kinds of festive arrangements you can make with Christmas wreaths. Some ideas include headboards, place settings, chandeliers, and dining table pieces. Fresh holiday greens and branches can be used throughout the home during the holidays. Fill your home with the scent of pine and cedar or add a pop of colour with some holly garland or holiday ornaments.

Whatever you don't use indoors can be used in outdoor displays all season long. Decorate your front door or front garden with all kinds of holiday greenery.

Festive dining table with Christmas wreath as centerpiece

Caring for Your Wreath

Now that you have three different ideas for how to decorate your indoor space with Christmas wreaths, it's important to understand how to care for your wreath as well. Wreaths aren't like regular plants. While they still need nutrients and care to survive, they have special instructions that, if done properly, can increase their lifespan.


Holiday wreaths need to stay hydrated and need to be watered often. To do so, use a spray bottle and mist the wreath with fresh water every week, depending on the climate. For warmer climates, water the wreath a bit more regularly, while cooler climates can go a few days more without water.

To help with hydrating your branches and garlands, you want to gently crush or cut stems with a small hammer. This will open up the stems on the greenery and help them take in more water. Ideally, your garlands will last all season long, so hydrating the greenery is key to success.


Because you want your garland to stay hydrated, it is best if it avoids direct sunlight. The sun can dry out the fresh greenery and branches which could shorten the wreath's lifespan. Ideally, place the wreath or garland in the shade or away from a window with a direct source of sunlight.

While it can be hard to avoid all sunlight, it is recommended that you check on the garland every day to make sure it’s not getting too dry or too warm.

Indoors Vs. Outdoors

To make the most out of your live garlands, it is recommended that you keep them cool and away from heat sources (like the sun, heat vents, or a fireplace, for example). Cold climates are ideal to make sure the wreaths stay fresh and last long.



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