How to Make a Fresh Spring Wreath

A fresh spring wreath decorated with white flowers

Birds singing and trees blossoming are sure signs that the spring season has arrived. But another great sign of spring is beautiful spring wreaths used to decorate your home, especially around Easter. These decorations can spice up your front door, a wall, or the mantle in your living room. Maybe you want to showcase your favourite blooms and bouquets but don't want millions of vases taking up your space. Or maybe you'd love the look of a beautiful garden or a farmhouse but don't have the time or space for the real deal. Whatever your reason is, creating a DIY spring wreath is a perfect project for you!

The best part about these spring decor ornaments is that you don't have to spend a ton of money on them because you can make this decoration at home and hang it on your front door yourself! Say "hello" to spring with this flower-filled DIY craft and create your own spring wreaths.

How to Make a DIY Spring Wreath

If you're looking for a new project to take on for the spring season, now is the perfect time to create a spring wreath that can be used to welcome the warmer weather. Maybe you have been looking at a grapevine wreath and wondering how you can make that yourself. This craft is a great way to bring in spring flowers and greenery into your home and brighten up any room. Now you may be wondering how to make a spring wreath. Well, you came to the right place!

Supplies You Need

To create a spring wreath, there are a few things you are going to need. While there are a variety of different styles you could pull from, some key supplies include:

  • Embroidery Hoop
  • Variety of Fresh, Dried or Artificial Flowers (ex. tulips or moss)
  • Burlap Material
  • Twine or Metal Wire
  • Other decorations like ribbon, paper, foam, buttons, pins, or etc

While you may need to buy some of these supplies for the DIY, things like paper, twine, buttons, foam, and an embroidery hoop can often be found laying around your home.

DIY craft supplies for creating a spring wreath

Find Inspiration

After you've gathered your supplies, you can look for some inspiration as you start to design your DIY floral wreath. For this, you can find sample wreaths on platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and other craft blog sites. You may also want to look around your home and find an aesthetic or look that fits the design of your house.

Choose Your Look

There are also different styles of wreaths that you can choose from. For DIY spring wreaths, you can use various flowers and greenery to create a more floral wreath and bring a vibrant feel to your home or your door. Depending on your style, a spring flower wreath can make use of live or faux flowers.

Before you begin gathering supplies, you will want to brainstorm ideas and figure out what kind of fun or floral design you want to use for your flower-filled spring wreath. You will want to welcome new ideas as you can be extremely creative with decorating and designing this Easter project.

Woman in overalls holding DIY spring wreath

Gather Your Materials and Start Crafting


One of the first main steps in creating a DIY wreath is to choose your base wreath and its design. Your design can come in a variety of styles like a grapevine wreath, peony wreath, butterfly wreath, boxwood wreath, tulip wreath, or another type of flower wreath. The design you choose will help set up the rest of the floral wreath as it will help you determine what materials and styles you can pull from. The frame can be made up of actual wood-like twigs or an embroidery hoop- or it can be formed with metal wire.

You will also need to decide the size and shape of your wreath. This decision can affect the type and amount of materials that are used to decorate the spring wreath form. For example, a tulip or boxwood wreath may cover the entire wreath form and require more materials while a peony wreath may not cover the whole form.

Regardless of what style you want to follow, it's best to have an idea of the design you want to create to plan your DIY wreath accordingly.

Close-up of grapevine wreath frame


Before you start placing the flowers and other decorations you want to add to your DIY wreath, you have to secure your bow. While bows are an optional step and do not need to be included on every wreath design, they should be secured to the wreath before the flowers so that you can work around it.

Materials to Use

Bows can be made of burlap, silk, ribbon, cotton, felt, or can even be made with scrap paper. You will also have to think about the colour of your bow when creating your wreath. You may want to consider using pink and green tones as they can add to the spring theme of your wreath. Once you have decided where you want to place your bow on the wreath, you can tie it and secure it to your wreath with hot glue.

Burlap bow for spring wreath


A spring wreath can be made up of a variety of colourful flowers and greenery including tulips, peonies, eucalyptus, forsythia, moss, and other decorative plants. The choice of flowers can make your wreath more adorable or stunning or bold, depending on what blooms and colours you choose. Colours like pink, green, yellow, and white are perfect for your DIY spring wreath.

Using Fake or Real Flower Decorations

While artificial flowers may provide brighter colours that are long-lasting, a fresh bouquet of blooms from your own garden can bring a natural sweet scent to your home. You can also create flower-shaped decorations with paper and ribbon to add a different feel to your wreath. Another option is to use artificial and real versions of the same flower on your wreath.

However you choose to design your spring wreaths, you should call back to those ideas you brainstormed. This decoration has a lot of freedom and can make use of both live and faux flowers and greenery. If you decide to use real flowers, you may find it easier to purchase a bouquet instead of individual flowers. For example, if you want to use tulips, you can use a bouquet of pink, yellow, and white tulips to create your floral wreath.

Spring flowers arranged in a wreath shape

Once you have chosen your flowers, leaves, berries, and anything else you need, you can start attaching them to your wreath. For the faux flowers, you can cut off the excess stem and use hot glue to attach them to the frame. Fresh blooms can either be hot glued or woven into the frame with wire, twine, or with the actual stem, depending on the plant.

Cover the wreath with as many or as few blooms as you desire. You may need to adjust some of the flowers depending on the type and amount that you use.

Other Decorations

Like we've seen, there is a lot of freedom when it comes to creating your spring wreath. One wreath could use a lot of eucalyptus and yellow tulips while another could be a butterfly wreath and use a lot of painted butterflies as added decor. There will be wreaths that use moss and others that use Easter eggs. Because of all the different options you could pull from, you may find yourself creating more than one floral wreath.

Tie Your Wreath Together

The various decorations you use can help you add a pop of colour to your front door, mantelpiece, or wall in your home. The decorations can also tie the wreath together. For example, if you want to place your spring wreath on your front door, you may want to weave the word "hello" into your wreath. Or, you may want to use a monogram version of your initials as a statement piece in your home.

Welcome design for spring wreath
Wreaths Across Canada

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Fresh spring wreath hanging on grey door

Set It Up

The final step is to hang up your spring wreath for everyone to see. You may decide to hang it on your front door to welcome new guests, or you may want it as a decoration in your home to bring spring inside.

Bring the scent and look of your garden home with your own DIY spring wreath!