How Long Will An Ivy Wreath Last?

Fresh ivy wreath hanging on rustic wooden door

If you're already looking ahead to the winter season, that likely means you're also planning your Christmas decorations ahead of time. With all the beautiful greenery that the four seasons have to offer, you might be starting your stockpile of dried plants and flowers to use later in the year.

One fan-favourite holiday decoration (besides the Christmas tree, of course) is a Christmas wreath. This decoration, made up of various plants, greenery, wire, and other craft supplies, is a staple in almost every home decorated for Christmas. Whether it's hung on your front door, above your fireplace, or used as a dining table centrepiece, wreaths are a beloved Christmas tradition.

Creating fresh and live wreaths for the Christmas season can be a fun way to fill your time this winter. One style of a wreath that is growing in popularity is the ivy wreath. The arrangement uses lots of loose greenery to make an effortlessly beautiful decoration.

Understanding the lifespan and caring instructions for ivy wreaths and garlands can ensure that your holiday arrangements look their best all season long. To help you with this, here are some tips about creating and caring for Christmas ivy wreaths throughout the holidays.

Close-up of handmade evergreen Christmas wreath

How To Make An Ivy Christmas Wreath

If you want to hang an ivy wreath in your house this Christmas, you might be interested in making one yourself. Wreaths are fairly easy to make and allow for a lot of freedom. You might be scrolling on Pinterest looking for some Christmas inspiration, but here are some tips for actually crafting the perfect Christmas wreath.

Get Your Supplies

For supplies, you will likely need a wire or wooden frame that will be the base of your decorations. Then you will need to gather the other craft decorations that will help tie the arrangement together. Whether it's berries, ornaments, holly, moss, lights, or ribbon, be creative with the supplies you get.

You will also want to plan accordingly for the colour of your wreath when you begin to decorate. While spring wreaths might be full of yellow, pink, or white roses, Christmas decorations are usually green, red, and gold.

Fresh Christmas wreath on blue wood table

Gather Your Fresh Greens

One of the first steps in creating your holiday garlands and wreaths is to collect the greenery and foliage that you want to use in your decoration. For an ivy wreath, that means collecting ivy from local florists and greenhouses.

For other types of Christmas wreaths, this could mean collecting berries, branches, pine cones or fir cones, holly, moss, evergreen boughs, and other pieces of foliage. You might even try to take some cuttings directly from your garden or pine tree. Purchasing a bouquet of Christmas flowers is another way to gather supplies.

For the best smelling and looking Christmas wreaths, we recommend using fresh flowers and stems. This allows for a fragrant aroma to fill your home. While faux flowers and greens might last longer, you won't get as much of a taste of the outdoors when using them.

Arrange Your Wreath

The final step in creating your wreath is to weave and place the flowers and greenery throughout the wireframe. You might want to plan this out before securing anything to the wireframe. Again, be creative with the placement and try out new designs.

Assembling a DIY fresh Christmas wreath

Ensure Freshness With These Tips

Flowers fade and plants wither. While wreaths won't last forever, there are a few things you can do to keep it looking its best.

Choose The Freshest Cuttings

One of the first things you can do to ensure that your wreath lasts throughout the holidays is to choose flowers, plants, and other cuttings that are fresh. Cutting them directly from your home garden, or getting them as a bouquet from your local florist can ensure that you are getting freshly picked stems. You can even plan ahead for this by getting seed pods you can plant in your backyard garden so that you have your supplies ready for the winter.

Rehydrate Your Flowers

Another step you will want to take is rehydrating your greens and flowers by soaking them in water. To allow for more moisture to soak in, crush the stem of your flower with a small hammer and soak them in freshwater for 24 hours before assembling them into a Christmas garland.

You will also need to spray your decorations every few days after you hang them. Rehydrating your garden-fresh greenery can help your arrangement last longer and remain lively throughout the holiday season.

How To Care For Ivy Decorations

Natural Easter ivy wreath on wooden front door

Now that you've made your Christmas decorations, it's time to learn about caring for it. A live wreath isn't like a regular bouquet that sits in a vase full of water. They have specific caring instructions that are important for keeping them fresh.

How Long Do Ivy Wreaths With Fresh Greenery Last?

The average lifespan of a live wreath is 3 weeks, depending on what it's made of, the moisture in the air, and where it is placed. Ideally, if you're using fresh flowers and branches for your garlands, they will last at least 3 weeks, if not longer. However, if your stems are already drying out when you make the arrangements, they might only last 2 weeks or so.

Ivy specifically will last for around 2 weeks if cooled and cared for. Keep this in mind when preparing your Christmas decorations and deciding whether to place them indoors or outdoors.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Climates

Live wreaths thrive in cooler climates and out of direct sunlight. Ideally, setting up a wreath in the shade when outdoors is best. When you're hanging it up indoors, it's best to keep it away from heat sources (like stoves, fireplaces, etc). Outdoor Christmas decorations might last longer due to the cooler climates, but indoor wreaths can still have a longer lifespan if cared for correctly.

Fresh Christmas wreath hanging outdoors

Watering Your Holiday Greenery

Watering your garlands and greenery is an important step you will need to take to make sure it stays fresh. Because you can't keep your plant stems in a vase of water like a regular bouquet, you have to use a different method to preserve the decoration.

Spray and mist your pine, ivy, or evergreen boughs with water a few times a week. This will ensure that your wreath stays fresh and hydrated throughout the week. If you're using other decorations like roses, berries, holly, cedar or spruce cuttings, and rosemary, you will want to mist the wreath a bit more often to make sure that everything is hydrated. Not only will this make your wreath last longer, but it will leave a beautiful scent lingering in your house.



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