How Do You Keep A Wreath From Fading In The Sun?

Fresh flower wreath hanging on green fence outdoors

A beautiful wreath handmade with fresh flowers is the perfect addition to your home decor. Because wreaths come in a variety of colours and designs, there's a wreath for every season and every home aesthetic.

Whether you hang your wreaths indoors or outdoors, there's a chance that the vibrant colours on your wreath will fade due to the sun exposure. Wreaths are known for their eye-catching and bright colours, so a faded wreath hung on your front door is less than ideal.

While this reality can't be completely avoided, there are a few things that you can do when hanging up your fresh wreath to keep the colours from completely fading.

Fresh handmade wreath with white roses for hanging outdoors

Different Types of Wreaths

Wreaths come in all different shapes, sizes, colours, and designs. Wreaths are a popular decoration around Christmas and Easter time, in the winter and spring months.

Added Decorations

Along with different types of greenery and flowers, wreaths can also be made up of different fabrics and craft supplies. You'll often see Christmas wreaths use burlap fabric, ornaments, and ribbon while an Easter-themed wreath will often be covered with butterfly clips, Easter eggs, and other spring decorations.

Wreath Placements

Wreaths can be used as decoration in a variety of ways. For outdoor wreaths, you can hang them on your front door, gate, or entrance as a way of welcoming guests to your home.

For indoor wreaths, they are often hung above the fireplace, on the mantelpiece, or in the front foyer. The main thing to remember when decorating with an indoor or outdoor wreath is to have fun and be creative.

Fresh Christmas wreath hanging above marble fireplace

Seal Your Wreath

One of the biggest things you can do when caring for your wreath is to seal it. Sealing the decoration involves spraying it with some sort of seal that holds the greenery in place and gives it a sort of protective shield.

How To Seal Your Wreath

1. Hairspray

You can seal your wreath in a few different ways. One method is to actually use hairspray and coat the entire wreath, especially the edges and ends of the greenery. This locks in the moisture and creates a barrier between the sunlight and the actual greenery.

While it won't necessarily prevent all sun damage to your wreath, it will help keep your wreath looking brighter longer and prevent fading.

2. UV Fabric Sunblock Spray

Another option for sealing in your wreath is to use a UV Fabric Sunblock spray. This product is specifically useful for indoor and outdoor fabrics on outdoor wreaths.

Find a spray with an initial low odor and spray the fabric to keep the edges from fraying. This spray can prevent fading from the sun and can protect against harsh weather like rain and wind.

A similar product that can be used is a UV floral spray. This spray can be used to coat the flowers and plants that are used on the wreath. These products are similar to the sunscreen that you use on your own body in that they create a protective barrier between the sun and the plant or fabric.

Smiling sun made from UV fabric sunblock for wreaths

Other Preventative Tips

The average fresh wreath will last around 3 weeks depending on the environment and type of wreath.

To ensure that the decoration will last this long (or even longer), there are a few other things that you can do when preparing your wreath.

  1. Use glue on the stems of the floral decorations and the edges of ribbon or fabric.
  2. Use an acrylic sealer spray to seal in the other decorations used on the wreath.
  3. Keep the wreath in a covered front entrance to protect it from rain, wind, and sunlight.
  4. Store your wreath properly after use.
  5. Keep the wreath in a cool, dry place to maintain a fresh look.
  6. Mist your wreath regularly to keep the stems hydrated.
  7. Use fresh cuttings from your local greenhouse or your own garden.

All in all, fresh wreaths aren't made to last forever, but that doesn't mean they can't look great while alive. Taking care of your fresh decorations is an important step to consider when styling your home or outdoor space.