Do Wreath Hangers Damage Doors?

Christmas wreath hanging on half-open red front door

With the holiday season coming closer and closer every day, you've probably already started collecting decorations that you'll use to give your home a holiday feel. One of the most popular decorations, especially around Christmas time, is a wreath.

A wreath is a decoration made of greenery and flowers wrapped around a wire or embroidery hoop. They can be decorated in many different ways to match many different seasons and aesthetics. Often, wreaths are hung up above the fireplace or on a front door as a way to welcome guests to your home.

If you choose to hang a wreath on your door, you may be wondering if the hanger you use will damage the door or leave scratches. While holiday wreaths can beautifully transform a home, it's not fun to find a large dent or scratch on your front door due to the decoration.

DIY Christmas wreath with holly and pinecones

The Short Answer

The short answer to this question is: It depends on the method or device you use to hang your spring or Christmas wreath. Hanging your wreath can be done in a variety of ways, and there are a few that could damage your door.

When used on wood doors, an over-the-door wreath hanger can leave some damage on the wood. This is because it is more malleable than a standard door. When the heavy wreath pulls down on the holder, it can leave an indentation in the wooden frame. If you end up hanging a wreath with an adjustable door hanger, you can minimize the indentation by putting a piece of cloth between the hook and the top of the door. This is a simple solution to prevent any harsh damages to your door.

What To Consider When Hanging Your Wreath

There are a few things that you must consider when deciding how to hang your wreath in your home.

Extravagant christmas wreath hanging on grey front door

The Weight Of The Wreath

The first thing to take into consideration is the weight of your wreath. Some wreaths, especially those with more greenery and decorations can be heavier than the average wreath. Weighing your wreath will help you choose a method that will support the decoration and minimize the damage done to the door.

The Type Of Door

The next thing to look at is the type of door you have. Like we've said above, a wooden frame is more malleable and can shift when weight is put on it. If you have a wooden door, this will change the hanging method you use. A metal or storm door is more sturdy and can withstand a heavier wreath.

The Type Of Hangers

Finally, you will want to think about the type of method you want to use. A heavier wreath will require a sturdier method, while the type of door could make certain methods impossible (i.e. using magnetic hooks on a wooden door or using a nail on storm doors). These three considerations will help you when deciding how to hang your wreath this holiday season.

Christmas wreath with golden snowflakes hanging on over-the-door wreath hanger

Four Methods For Hanging Wreaths

Hanging Christmas wreaths perfectly can tie your home together as you prepare for the holidays.

1. Command Hooks

One of the most popular mounting devices that can be used when holding wreaths is command hooks. These items come in a variety of sizes and designs so that they can be used on any kind of door or wreath. The hooks can also hold different weights, so you will find a hook for even your heaviest wreath.

These strips and hangers are also available in different designs. Their collection includes a magnetic hook, adhesive hook, and a suction cup backing to use year-round on every type of door. Where regular hooks work for a regular door, the suction hooks are perfect for metal doors. A command hook works perfectly as a wreath holder. If you have a heavier wreath, you may also find that two hooks are a great solution for this problem.

The only problem with some command strips is that they can sometimes strip off paint when removed. To avoid any of this kind of damage, follow the careful removal instructions on the packaging.

2. Christmas Ribbon Hack

Using ribbon to hold a Christmas wreath is the perfect way to decorate your home and get in the holiday spirit. Ribbon looks particularly beautiful on a wooden or glass door throughout the winter, so using it to hang your wreath is a great idea.

Simply cut the ribbon material so that the wreath hangs at the desired height and hook it through the wire wreath form. Then, you can either tie the ribbon in a loop and hang it on a thumbtack, or you can pull it over the door frame and hook it on the other side. This method gives you a lot of freedom to be creative and try different looks that match the aesthetic of your home.

3. Fishing Line

One other alternative to a metal hanger is to use some fishing line. This hack is perfect for almost any wreath as it can carry heavier decorations and is easy to miss. Like the ribbon method, you just have to measure how much of the line you need, and then secure the line with a thumbtack or over the top edge of the door.

Fishing line is a fairly cheap and effective alternative when you hang wreaths in your home.

4. Magnetic Wreath Hanger

If you have a metal door or you are using a wireframe, you might consider using magnetic wreath holders to put up the decorations. These items can not only be quite sturdy but they can also be covered fairly easily. This means that you can hang up your decorations without having to worry about the holder ruining the look.

You can attach the magnet to your glass or metal door and then hook the wreath onto the opposite side. You'll be amazed at how great your house looks when you hang garlands in your home.

Fresh green wreath hanging on black front door

Set the Stage This Holiday Season

Using new and creative ways to hang a wreath can also mean avoiding damage to your doors and walls. Hang a Christmas wreath and welcome guests without worrying about damage!