Are You Supposed to Water a Wreath?

Woman pruning a fresh evergreen wreath

Fresh wreaths and garlands are a decorating staple during the holidays, but keeping them looking great all holiday season can be a big task. One of the most important tips for keeping your wreath look fresh is to create a strict watering schedule.

In this article, we will offer some tips on watering to help keep your fresh wreaths looking great for the holidays.

Keep Fresh Wreaths Hydrated

Wreaths that are made out of fresh evergreen boughs and other plant materials are just like other trees; they are living plants that need a source of nutrients to stay alive and keep their striking green colour. This means that even your hanging decorations need to be watered to keep them looking great.

Indoors vs. Outdoors Climates

The link between having beautiful wreaths, garlands, or other greenery and proper care is ensuring that your watering schedule is appropriate for your wreath's location. Many fail to consider how different climates can alter their wreath.

An indoor climate is the best to maintain the fresh appearance of your wreath. The cool and climate-controlled air will help keep your wreath looking great for weeks on end.

Placing a wreath on the front door of a home is the most popular way to display a wreath, but the outdoors can cause wreaths to grow tired and brown if it is too sunny or if you live in a warm climate. To beat the heat and keep your fresh Christmas wreath looking great, follow Wreaths Across Canada's expert tips.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can be a great source of heat for fresh wreaths and garland, causing their branches and needles to dry quickly. Avoid hanging them in a sunny location, moving them to a cool or shaded area. This will keep your natural decorations looking great and decrease the number of times you need to water them.

Mist It & Spritz It

The best way to water your wreath is to spray it. The light misting will keep your wreath happy and healthy looking. The cut branches will absorb the water and replenish its nutrients, helping it look better longer.

Take care to only mist your wreath every couple of days if it is in a cool climate. Wreaths in warmer climates like heated homes or sunny areas of a front porch may need spritzing once a day to keep their great complexion. 

Water Every Week

Think of fresh wreaths like a cut Christmas tree you've bought at a farm. They are branches that have been cut and need to be watered to maintain their great appearance. A wreath should be watered thoroughly and frequently just like any cut Christmas tree.

To water your greenery properly, you will need a shallow container and water. Fill the container with water and place your fresh wreath and other greens inside. The back of the wreath or garland (the side you would hang on the door or wall) should be placed down so the decorations on the wreath's front are not disturbed. The moisture will be absorbed by the branches and help keep its greens bright.

If you plan on keeping your Christmas wreath or garlands alive for the entire holiday season, you should create a strict watering schedule. Make sure to water them before you hang them and once every week following.

Have Great Looking Wreaths All Season Long

Caring for a wreath is not unlike caring for a cut Christmas tree. They need a strict watering schedule and careful attention. Follow our tips on watering to keep your greens looking fresh:

  • Spray your wreath often
  • Treat your wreath like a cut Christmas tree
  • Avoid placing your wreath in direct sunlight and heat
  • The best place for your wreath is indoors
  • Water your greens in a container on a weekly basis