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Wreaths aren't just for Christmas and holiday celebrations. Wreaths add decoration and individual style to your home. For years, a wreath was seen as a winter decoration that hung on a front door. However, wreaths are making a comeback and are being made for a variety of occasions, making them a decorative staple during every season of the year.

Christmas wreaths are typically made of garland, wrapped in a circle and accompanied by items relating to the season, like frosted white pinecones or bright-red cardinals in scarves. But garland is a universal material that can be used for a variety of holidays including Easter, Thanksgiving and graduations. Depending on the items available for use, you can mix and match to create year-round and holiday-specific wreaths.

More Than Just Christmas Wreaths

Our wreaths are made with quality garlands and items that accent the natural foliage we use. Each wreath is handcrafted with care and features current design trends that please the eye at a price you can get behind. Search through our site to find a wreath that suits your aesthetic. We carry the best new wreath designs so each customer can find a modern wreath.

Our wreaths are made with products that help elevate your home's appearance. With a range of colour options, each order is created with care and features natural materials, like fine synthetic garland, straw, greenery or flowers. Shop now and pick out a beautifully hand-crafted seasonal piece. If you're not satisfied, send your wreath back and we'll work to find one that better suits your unique personality.

Incredible Customer Service

We provide shipping throughout Canada for each customer and we make shopping for a wreath an immersive experience with a variety of colour and texture options to choose from. We have incredible wreaths for sale and we ship every order directly to each customer. We strive to offer top customer service for those looking to see how decorative year-round wreaths can improve your home.

Each wreath is made the same day you place an order and may be slightly different than pictured, but that's just the personal touch we provide when we create every item for delivery. You can be sure your garland will stay pristine and in top-quality condition throughout our shipping and delivery services.

Depending on your location, same-day delivery may be available.  With every new order, we strive to provide excellent customer service and stay connected with our customers should anything change in regards to a shipping location and delivery inquiry.

For more information about our online shop, customer service, shipping rates and delivery options contact us today!

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