Why Should I do This

Have you ever stood in the crowd at a war memorial and wished you could lay a wreath honouring those who served in our country’s military?

Have you ever seen Canadian Military Cemeteries overseas on TV and wanted to visit one?

Have you ever wished that you could thank one of those veterans buried in one of those cemeteries?

And have you ever felt that your children should share these experiences with you?

You can do all of these things simply by coming to the National Military Cemetery in Beechwood Cemetery Ottawa at 1:30 pm on the first Sunday of December each year, where you and your children, will be able place wreaths on the 3,000 graves of our veterans buried there.

You will see the graves of distinguished generals buried alongside 17 year old private soldiers who died well before their time. Regardless of their rank or service, they shared the common bond of service to their country and in this place their graves are uniformly marked to match the uniform they once wore.

When you leave the cemetery, you will do so with a deep sense of gratification that you have remembered, honoured and have been able to teach your children of the sacrifice of our veterans. And you will never forget the experience.

Remember, Honour, Teach

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