Lay a Wreath

Wreaths Across Canada has chosen to place a wreath on the headstone of every veteran buried in the National Military Cemetery, the first Sunday of every December at 1:30, Beechwood Cemetary, Ottawa. It is our fervent hope that this practice will spread across Canada and that eventually every Military Cemetery will be adorned with wreaths, each and every year. This simple but effective “thank you” is central to the entire program. The wreaths symbolize our thanks to those who have served their country in the military and now lie at rest. Whether they died in battle, training accidents or years after retiring from the military, all who lie buried in these hallowed grounds deserve the thanks of a grateful nation for defending the freedoms and lifestyle we enjoy today.

It is our way to Remember and Honour those who served and Teach our youth of Canada, the value of freedom. It is a deeply personal way for any Canadian to say “thank you for your service to Canada.”

Remember, Honour, Teach

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